Elite Clubs of APL

APL is constantly developing because our active and committed Partners do not stand still and continue to move forward. Therefore, we have founded several Elite Clubs in order to develop our Company even further. Each of them is an association of the best of the best, those who stand out among others. Do you want to become part of “the elite”, who receives reward trips, event benefits and bonuses, and much more? Is your answer "yes"? Then here is how you can become a member of our private clubs.

"Diamond flight"

This private club is for recruiting pro’s who sponsored 10 people for DIAMOND - statuses in just 3 months. As long as all these new Partners are active, you receive a special club pin – 585 golden Bumblebee with a real diamond. Once even kings could not afford such stones for their crowns! Why did a bumblebee become the symbol of this Club? Scientists proved that according to the existing laws of aerodynamics a bumblebee "cannot" fly, as its wings are too weak for such a heavy body. But, fortunately, bumblebees don’t know physics and its laws and fly around enjoying its life without having a clue that it contradicts the laws of nature. And so do our recruiters – they constantly do the impossible!


"Star team"

A star is the symbol of this exclusive Club for successful APL Partners. This stylish and elegant golden pin with 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 diamonds will compliment any outfit. A Partner can get a one-diamond pin , if they have been working as a National Director for three months and have one National Director at level 1. If a Partner has been working as a National Director for six months and has two National Directors - he or she gets a pin with 2 diamonds. If they have been working as a National Director for six months and have three National Directors – they get a pin with 3 gems. If he or she has been working as a National Director for six months and has four National Directors – they get a pin with 4 gems; for six months and has five National Directors – a pin with 5 gems awaits!



This is a Club for Regional Service Center directors with certain levels of turnover. They receive a 585 golden pin shaped like a planet.

Membership in the A-club allows Regional Service Center directors to receive bonuses, loans for products, have their office customized with APL-styled decor, as well as get office equipment: printers, laptops and more!



"APL Medal Winners"

This unique Club is open to any Partner or Employee of the Company. Traditionally, only government officials present people with medals and orders. But this wonderful way of recognition is applicable to our Company as well. From now on any loyal and hardworking Employee or Partner of APL can be awarded with a 1, 2 or 3 degree medal “For an Outstanding Contribution to the Development of the Company”. This medal is custom made based on Sergey Kulikov’s design and is manufactured out of a unique compound. Any active Partner or Employee can recommend their teammate to be awarded with this Medal. All awarded Partners and Employees receive a special monthly bonus from the Company. In the words of a famous poetic character: “Do I really need an order? Medal also does just fine!”.