Website aplgo.com Term Of Use Agreement

Please read this Agreement and its Terms of Use carefully before using our aplgo.com Website (Site). While accessing and using this Site and any of its services and additional materials, using its contents you are obliged to adhere to the Terms of this Agreement.

You shall not use the Site, its services or additional materials and contents, as well as access pages that are at the same domain extension as the Site is if you do not agree to this Agreement and its Terms.


By “Guest” we mean an individual who obtains access to the information available at http://aplgo.com domain extension

By “User” we mean an user of the Site who obtained online account at the Site in accordance with prescribed signing in procedure

By “Website” or “Site” we mean set of hardware and software, as well as information to be posted on the Internet and shown in special text, graphic or sound forms on aplgo.com domain extension

By “Site services” we mean functions of the Site that are to be used by Guests and Users

By “Online page” (or “HTML-page”) we mean Site page that contains informational materials created by means of hardware and software, including text and graphic materials that are to be posted on Internet as part of the Site

By “Account” we mean authentication and personal data that is stored on Site’s servers.

By “Content” we mean results of intellectual activity and means of identification equated to it, including: musical compositions, literary compositions, computer software, software and applications for smart phones (mobile phones), audiovisual works, audio recordings, pictures, texts, trademarks and service marks, brands and commercial names, logos, hypertext links, their fragments, information, widgets and other objects on the Site.

By “User generated content” we mean Site content (including User’s comments) that is posted by the User himself/herself, voluntarily and without recompense.

By “Personal page” we mean online page created with help of Site’s software as result of obtaining an Account by the User that contains personal data.

By “Personal data” we mean authentic, full and updated information that is used to authorize a User to the Site and that is provided by the User on the Personal Page voluntarily and without recompense. Personal data is specified by the User during procedure of Signing in to the Site, it can contain User’s name, login, e-mail address and other data that User finds necessary to specify. Personal data stored solely in order to provide the User of opportunity to sign in to the Site.

By “Sign In” we mean User’s actions performed in order to create Personal page on the Site according to established procedure. While Signing in the User fills in User profile specifying Authentication data that is used by the Administration in order to provide special services of the Site to for the User, including: rating and commenting on Content posted by Administration or other Users, posting User’s own content in accordance with the Terms.

By “Authorization” we mean processing of Authentication data provided by the User performed by Site’s software based on the results of which it can be determined whether the User has rights to access Site’s functions and User’s Personal page.

By “Authentication data” we mean unique identifier of the User that is used to provide him/her with access to User’s Personal page. Authentication data includes User’s login, passwords, e-mail address.

By “Unauthorized access” we mean using Authentication data by third party.

By “Administration” we mean Company’s authorities who establish procedures of using the Site, control Site operation and User’s adherence to these Terms and Conditions.

By “Company” we mean entity that is Site’s copyright holder.

By “Terms” we mean terms and conditions of using the Site that are stated in this Agreement.

Subject of Agreement

This Agreement with the User (hereinafter “Agreement”) is legal agreement between the User and the Company that establishes terms of Site use. All the documents that govern use of Site by the User or Guest or documents related to such use are essential part of this Agreement and are appendix to this Agreement.

Signing in to the Site the User confirms his/her full agreement with terms of this Agreement. The User shall stop using the Site immediately if he/she does not agree with any Terms of this Agreement.

The Company reserves the right to change Terms of this agreement at any time. The User is obliged to check this agreement every week and make him/herself aware of the changes in it. The User shall stop using this Site immediately and stop accessing online pages at Site’s domain extension if he/she does not agree with any of the Terms of this Agreement.

Intellectual rights

User does not have right to post Content on the Site.

Content posted on the Site is an item covered by exclusive rights of its copyright holders.

No part of this Content may be used without prior permission of copyright holders. Access to Site’s data, including access to the Content, is provided to Users and Guests of the Site for personal use and information only.

Site Administration and Company owning the Site disclaims all liability for integrity and safety of the Content posted on the Site.

No part of Site data may be used for any purposes (except personal use) without prior permission from the Site Administration.

User can download materials covered by aplgo.com copyright from the Site for personal use only.

No materials downloaded from the Site may be reproduced, distributed, transmitted to third parties, used and published or reproduced by other methods for commercial purposes without prior written permission of aplgo.com or other legal copyright holder unless otherwise required by the law of Republic of Cyprus.

If the permission to reproduce, distribute, and publish or other methods of use of the materials from the Site is obtained, reproduction, distribution, publishing and other methods of use shall not be performed without reference to copyright holder and/or trademark. All rights reserved.

User sign in

You have to sign in to the Site in order to become a Site’s User.

in order to obtain access to Site’s services and functions, Guests has to create an Account on BackOffice. After singing in on BackOffice User obtains access to Personal Page.

User shall provide relevant, precise and reliable information while signing in.

Nevertheless, Administration reserves the right to decline signing in or stop the process of signing in of a new User at its sole discretion.

While signing in User does not have right:

to represent falsely him/herself to be another person and use another person’s login and password;

to inform third parties about his/her login and password in order to use Account by this third party;

- to use words or expressions as login that appear to be rude, appalling or obscene from the point of view of morality and ethics, also to modify deliberately other Users’ logins in the way that it offends or humiliates them;

- to use pictures as icons that depict elements of Nazi and nationalist symbols, images with sexual content, and other materials and images that contravene the laws of Republic of Cyprus.

By signing in User confirms that he or she has legal capacity to accept terms and conditions of this Agreement, to meet conditions of this Agreement and to bear responsibility for violation of conditions of this Agreement, including legal issues arising from using of this Site.

User is responsible for keeping login and password for his or her account secure. If log in password is lost by User or became known to third parties, User shall change the password immediately.

User agrees that all the actions performed on behalf of him or her (that means through his or her Account) are treated as actions performed personally by the User and may lead to User’s liability.

Administration reserves the right to delete any data and accounts for whatever reason or without reason at all.

Administration reserves the right to monitor Users’ actions but is not obliged to do so.

Site use

It is forbidden to use this Site in any ways that are not allowed by this Agreement.

User shall not use Site’s services and functions for following purposes:

- to abuse his or her right, to bother, threaten or frighten other Users;

- to send, transfer, or assist transferring of any data that violate terms and conditions of this Agreement and include false information, discredit other parties (Users or third parties), are rude or obscene, contain materials with sexual or terrifying content, or violate in any other way other parties’ rights or legislation of Republic of Cyprus.

- for any illegal or unauthorized purposes;

- to send, transfer or assist transferring or sending any kind of message or request which aim is to obtain login, password or personal data of any User;

- to create or send spam to Internet users;

- to violate legislation of Republic of Cyprus and/or right of any User;

- to provide Site’s browsing history to special software programs that aim to

- to use robots or automatic software to access the Site without written permission from Administration;

User agree to avoid actions that lead to uploading unwanted large quantity of data that interferes with steady work of the Site and access to the Site for other Users, to avoid interfering or attempts of interfering with Site operation and avoid doing any actions that aim to violate policies that were created to restrict Users’ access to Site functions;

- to change the way of operating of Site’s services and applications, including creation of some Accounts of the User;

- to post ads or requests aiming to general public about purchase or sale whatever goods or services, except for cases allowed by Administration; Using data collected via services and applications of the Site, advertising and selling such data to any User or third parties without prior permission from copyright holder shall be also regarded as violating of these terms and conditions;

- to take actions on behalf of other party or other User;

- to sell or provide access in any other way of User’s Account to other User or third party;

Administration strictly forbids:

- to use intellectual property without permission of copyright holder in any way;

- to use obscenities, foul language (including grawlix) or any other ways to insult or humiliate other Users;

- to modify names of other Users deliberately;

- to use derogatory terms for different nationalities, nations and social groups in offensive way;

- to alternate between capital and lower case letters when posting materials, comments or messages;

- to post materials containing advertising;

- to post materials containing foul language;

- to post malicious links or links that lead to malicious content;

- irrational use of punctuation marks or smileys (emoticons);

- to post images containing foul language or sexual content.

User does not have right to post any Content if the User is aware that it shall incur losses, moral damage, damage to business reputation or violation to someone else’s rights.

Rights and Liabilities of User

User shall not post Content containing controversial, rude, obscene and aggressing materials contradicting norms of morality and ethics; violating current legislation of Russian federation or international law, including copyright and rights of third parties. User shall be liable for violation of this Agreement in accordance with the law of Republic of Cyprus and/or the law of the country where User is.

In case of damage inflicted on third parties, User shall compensate for it wholly in accordance with the law of Republic of Cyprus and/or the law of the country where User is.

User shall be liable for paying all expenses (including damage compensation, losses, fees, court fees and other types of expenses and charges) if any third parties pursue a claim including without limitation claims concerning protection of intellectual right of third parties; User shall also take responsibility instead of the Site if third party pursues claim concerning violation of terms and conditions of this Agreement by the User. User shall make all necessary and possible efforts to exclude Company owning the Site from list of defendants.

User shall not post any data that can be regarded as personal data in accordance with law of Republic of Cyprus and/or law of country of residence of User except for depersonalized data. Company owning the Site does not collect, process or store such data, if such data is disclosed, it will be destroyed immediately, and User who is responsible for posting such data may become liable according to this Agreement, its terms and conditions and current legislation.

Rights and Liabilities of Administration

Administration of the Site shall not examine or decide disputes, conflicts arising between Users of the Site, however, Administration reserve right to block User’s Account if it receives reasonable complaints on this User’s inappropriate behavior from other Users.

Administration shall not be liable for revealing his or her personal data by User himself/herself.

Administration reserves right to moderate Site’s Content but shall not be obliged to do so.

Administration reserves right to destroy any Content on the Site, including text, image, comment of the User without notification or giving reasons.

Administration shall not monitor adherence to copyright law and shall not be liable for violation of it by Users.

Administration makes no warranties of any kind, expressed or implied, of Site’s Content.

If User violates terms and conditions of this Agreement or laws of Republic of Cyprus, Administration shall use its right to transfer contact information, IP address and any other information to concerned parties after receiving a corresponding request.

Administration shall use data on User’s actions in order to improve Site’s operation.

Administration reserves right to suspend or block access of any individual if there are sufficient reasons to suppose that Personal data specified are not full or are false.

If User violates terms and conditions of this Agreement Administration has all rights to destroy User’s Account.

Administration reserves right to establish any restrictions on using the Site, as well as on access of any User without giving reasons.

Administration or Company owning the Site reserves the right to suspend Site operation, change it or its part without prior notification of the User.

Administration reserves right to suspend access to the Site in order to perform scheduled preventive maintenance of hardware.

Company owning the Site shall not be liable to User and shall not compensate for losses arising or possible to arise from delays or failures in operation or failure to use the Site.

Administration provides Personal data storage. Data are stored without time limits until the User deletes his or her Account, or Administration shall delete it if Authentication data is not used for more than 12 (twelve) calendar months in a row with prior notification sent to e-mail specified during process of signing in.

Limitation of liability

Administration shall not and is not obliged to monitor methods that Users use in order to get access to the Site or to use services, functions or applications of the Site, as well as it shall not monitor effects that Content may have on Users, how Users and Guests may interpret Site’s Content, or monitor actions that Users or Guests take after familiarization with Site’s Content.

Administration shall not be liable for personal opinion expressed on the Site by Users. Site may content or provide Users and Guests with links that lead to other sites containing information that may be regarded as terrifying or inappropriate to other parties. Company owning the Site shall not be liable for such sites’ content access to which User may obtain via Site’s services, functions or applications, for adherence to right of other parties or legalness of such sites’ content.

Administration and Company owning the Site shall not assume any obligations concerning guaranteeing of confidentiality of information provided to Users, however, Administration make all necessary efforts in order to do so if there is not agreement on opposite terms and conditions or current legislation of Republic of Cyprus does not require it.

Final provisions

This Agreement shall come into effect as soon as User goes through process of Signing in and it is in force during the whole period of using the Site.

Administration reserves right to change this Agreement by posting amendments to the Agreement on the Site.

No provisions of this Agreement shall restrict rights of Administration, Company owning the Site or User to make similar agreement with any other party.

If one of the terms or conditions of this Agreement is declared invalid, this shall not become the cause to declare invalid any other terms and conditions or provisions of this Agreement.

User agrees that in case of dispute they shall be settled in accordance with legislation of Republic of Cyprus.

User agrees to receive information, news and advertising mail-out form Administration to his or her e-mail address specified during process of signing in.

Application and services of the Site may lead Users and Guests to other sites and resources. Considering that Site does not monitor other sites and resources, User agrees that Site shall not be liable for access to such sites and resources or for content posted on such sites and resources that advertise services, goods or other materials.

If you do not agree with this Agreement and its terms and conditions, please, stop using this Site immediately. You do not have right to use this Site or its pages on aplgo.com domain extension.