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The most common values of humanity – health and well-being – are combined in our business! APLGO (a health and wellness company currently operating in almost 50 countries) is launching in the US market. We are using modern technologies in nutrition that are already loved by thousands of consumers globally! Our compensation plan is made with our clients in mind, to help them develop financially and make their dreams come true. It’s time to open the US market!

Join our APLGo family and make your
life better, healthier, happier and
more convenient!
How does it work? Let’s have a look!
More than 300,000 Associates in 60 countries on 5 continents
More than 2,000 people in APLGO’s Travel Club visited about 35 countries
48,000 sq feet of the Company's own production space in Europe
More than half of APLGO
associates qualified to participate
in company giveaways
More than $500,000 in cash prizes awarded to our Associates
More than $100,000,000 handed out during promotions and
special offers
More than $4,500,000 worth of electronics, jewelry, and many other giveaways provided to our Associates
A vast number of APLGO followers have shared their experience with the company on social media.
Search #aplgo to discover more than 100,000 entries on social media from all over the world

Our Company offers a product that provides our Associates with limitless opportunities.

CRN has recently conducted a consumer survey that found, “the level of consumption of food supplements has always been high and is still growing. 77% of Americans say that they consume food supplements.”

It is estimated that food supplements sales volume will have reached the number of $216.3 billion by 2026, predicting a great future for our business.

APLGO capitalized on this demand and provided the world with a product created by a unique power accumulation technology, combining science and nature in our innovative lozenge drops.

This tasty combination can fulfill the demands of even the most sophisticated American consumer, making it easier for them to lead a healthy and happy lifestyle.


There’s no better time than NOW to join APLGO.

Today more than ever, Americans value natural, holistic products. They take great care of their health and are always looking for the best products for their bodies.

APLGO fulfills these demands by providing an ideal product, a community of individuals striving to lead healthy lifestyles,
and a compensation plan that can help you build a successful organization!


How many times have you been given the opportunity to be the first one to join a great movement? Well, today you have one, by becoming part of our US market launch. Now is the time to join a company currently operating in 50 countries. All you have to do is to share our tasty products with your friends and success will come in no time! You can rely on our solid and long-term relationship to help you succeed.

Are you ready to change your life?
Join us now!
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