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Since APL® GO's main goal is to help you become a successful individual, our company’s management has developed an effective and mutually profitable compensation plan.

When developing this compensation plan, we didn’t limit our Associates to short-term income. Our compensation plan has potential for limitless development.

It provides great rewards for great work.


rewarding income potential
It's been said that if you keep on doing what you are doing, you will keep on getting what you are getting. So if you are happy with where you are? Great! But maybe you are ready to achieve something new and exciting?
We are ready to help you take action now and discover your potential!
I’d like to paraphrase Fedor Glinka, an outstanding expert on human nature. He said: “Living and working are bonded together as light and flame”. It is impossible to be stuck in second gear with our Compensation Plan because it resembles a locomotive engine that always pulls the train forward! It will inspire and motivate you, let your own light inside shine as you share your excitement with others.
Sergey Kulikov,
Founder and President of APL® GO
Our compensation plan is easy to explain in just a few minutes with just a couple of pictures!
Our compensation plan contains a variety of income types. It considers the needs of all our Associates, from those wishing to have extra income to those willing to climb to the top. Some of our Associates enjoy two or three types of bonuses, others have achieved it all!
The APL® GO compensation plan is flexible and simple to understand, and rank advancement doesn’t depend on strict adherence to a specific structure. This flexibility motivates Associates to keep moving up within the organization, rather than being hindered by the number and level of Associates on his or her team.
Our corporate ladder does not have a lot of qualifications, which is why numerous Associates have a chance to reach the top within a short time period. Maximum result within a minimum time frame!
There are a number of special bonuses that give you an opportunity to increase your income and receive some more attention and acknowledgment from the company management.
All these factors make our Compensation Plan stand out among other commonly known compensation plans, placing it beyond competition in the industry.
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