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APLGO events are full of excitement, networking possibilities, motivation and inspiration.

GOLDEN PEOPLE is the birthday celebration for President and Founder. It’s an exclusive and high-level celebration featuring incredible hotels, stunning tours and luxurious galas. Being a part of this celebration is a great honor for each APLGO Leader.


APL SEASONS this is the annual training for our Associates, attended by the best speakers in the industry. It is traditionally hosted in Turkey.



This is a celebration of our Company’s Anniversary, and one of the most prestigious events we hold. We work with top entertainment professionals to provide you the best experience possible, complete with celebrities, gifts and more!


This is our version of a survival show. We boost our leadership skills, teamwork abilities, and help each other to overcome our fears. Associates enjoy this opportunity to become part of a team. Events like this, along with regular webinars, make our training system both exciting and pleasant.

Our Associates not only enjoy being guests to our events, but also enjoy creating them!
Plenty of themed webinars and live events are easy
to duplicate and follow.

Take a look at our latest events!

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