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Relax. Can you hear the sound of the waves? They're crashing against the side of a huge cruise ship.
You are in the open ocean. You're standing on the deck. Warm sunlight touches your face...
If you have completed the main promotion
of the year — then this picture is real!
The cruise is yours!
Join the APL Travel Club

Every year, APLGO announces a promotion that helps hundreds
of people around the world make their dreams come true —
to embark on an incredible cruise.

Why does the Company choose cruises?
Let's find out!
Cruise liners are the most luxurious floating hotels. Nothing beats them for comfort. On the ships you can visit restaurants, cafes, Jacuzzis, cinemas, bars, musicals, discotheques, and casinos. On one of the liners, APLGO Associates even went
to the ice rink and walked around Central Park.
APLGO seagull
A cabin on a liner becomes your own personal, comfortable home
for the duration of your vacation. And while you sleep, the ship crosses
the immensity of the sea. And you wake up in another country without
changing your place of residence.
A new day on a cruise is a new country,
new culture and new experiences!

On one of the cruises during a stopover in Thailand, the Associates visited the famous islands where "James Bond" was filmed. 

In Mexico, our travelers studied the history of the ancient Mayan civilization, sampled the local cuisine and swam in the cenote. 

In Jamaica they visited the Bob Marley House Museum. 

And they drove around Cuba in brightly colored convertibles. 


The emotions you get on a cruise with APLGO are hard to compare to anything else.

APLGO never limits itself to the standard cruise program. The schedule always includes exclusive events that are created personally for our Associates.

The all-white celebration of the Company’s anniversary, bright themed parties, and more. This is just a small sample of the surprises that are waiting for you!

Our 2023 Cruise will be ultra-special because this year, we will include APLGO Associates from around the world. You'll have a great
opportunity to meet like-minded people from different countries.
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