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Business For Home keeps you and us busy!

Business For Home keeps you and us busy! There's a new "The Top Female Direct Selling CEO 2022" poll. 75% of the worldwide distributor sales force is women, however less then 5% of the CEO’s are female.

Olga Kulikova is among the nominees. But we know that she is more than just a nominee! She is our winner! Creative Director of the Company, who has no equal in the world! The woman who makes our business a lively, beautiful, honest, beloved business!

The poll will end 15 September 2022 at 12.00 pm (Amsterdam Time).

It's really easy to vote:

Open the Business For Home app, if you still don't have it, download it right away - it's free.

Click “Poll”.

Find APL GO in the search box and click "VOTE NOW"!

To make sure your vote is counted, don't delete the app from your phone.

Do your part for our common victory right now!

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