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How do I record a video review of a product?

Make a plan for the review

1. Make a plan for the review. It should include:

  • an introduction;
  • sharing your opinion of the product;
  • the result you achieved. Keep in mind, your testimony MUST be compliant and CANNOT contain references to any diseases, medical conditions. ⠀

2. Consider where you can record it. Choose the most "tasty" and beautiful locations: stylish spaces, cozy and atmospheric places, etc. ⠀

3. In your circle, find out who has the best camera/phone and has experience in making videos for social networks. Ask him or her for help in recording the video. ⠀

4. If you are not using a microphone, try to choose quiet places, because if the sound of the recording is bad, the review will be hard to listen to and it won't work. You can edit the video on your phone, for example in the free inShot app. ⠀

5. Be aware of what you're wearing. Your appearance can speak to your subscribers more than your words. Of course we recommend using professional makeup artists, hairstylists and stylists if you have the option, but you also shouldn't dress up like you're at a party. You should create a harmonious, natural look. ⠀

6. Don't read the text from the sheet and don't peek at it. Trust us, reading from a script seems less personal than speaking from your heart or from a memorized script. Make sure you stick to the plan. ⠀

7. Think in advance where you are going to upload the video. For most social networks, a horizontal video format is fine. Vertical format is ideal only for Instagram stories. But for Instagram, youtube, FB - horizontal format is preferable. Advise the person who is going to shoot your video, how to hold your camera properly. (Horizontal or vertical). ⠀

8. Don't make your video review longer than one minute. The shorter and more dynamic your video is, the better. 60 seconds is more than enough time to effectively get your message across. ⠀

9. Be sure to use all the features of the social network in which you're posting your video: hashtags, geolocation, etc. You can advertise the post to a new audience. ⠀

10. If you're sharing your video not just for viewing, but for publishing later, use cloud storage, which will keep the quality of your video unchanged.

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