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5 mistakes in skincare around the eyes

Unsuitable water temperature for washing ⠀

▫️ Unsuitable water temperature for washing ⠀

It should be room temperature, 22-24 degrees. Hot water damages and dries the skin; cold water constricts the blood vessels and impairs the nourishing process. ⠀

▫️ Use regular face cream 

The delicate and sensitive skin around the eyes requires a special gentle formulation and a light texture. ⠀

▫️ Apply the cream incorrectly ⠀

Remember our beauty expert's advice: move in small, tapping motions from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner in the upper area, and vice versa in the lower area. ⠀

▫️ Ignore the make-up ⠀

No matter how tired you are, there is no good reason to skip this step. Otherwise makeup residue will stay on all night long, mixing with your skin grease and ruining your appearance. ⠀

▫️ Ignore sunglasses and spectacles with dioptres

Squinting in the sun or because of decreased eyesight leads to wrinkles around the eyes. Be sure to see your eye doctor and always carry your sunglasses with you.

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