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Diamond Flight is a VIP APLGO club. Members of this club have exhibited their loyalty to the company.

Diamond Flight is a VIP APLGO club. Members of this club have exhibited their loyalty to the company.

The club’s symbol is a golden badge in the form of a bumblebee with a diamond. Aerodynamic research has shown that bumblebees shouldn’t be able to fly—but knowing nothing about the laws of aerodynamics, the insects do it anyway. It’s an apt description of our Diamond Flight members. They do whatever it takes to fly high in their business!

2019 - Artyk and Alexandra Muradovs, Gulnara Ovezova, Andrei and Larisa Nagel, Irene Schmider, Svetlana Rusnak, Vitaliy and Nadezhda Bertram, Ivano Kurilenko and Maria Kremer, Boris and Tamara Skvortsovs, Alexander and Svetlana Shalimovs, Valery and Irina Fuchs, Vadim and Irina Voitiuk, Irina Wazenmiller, Gulnara Kabidenova, Irene Terra Schmider.

2018 - Vladimir and Tatyana Janson, Alexander and Irene Freund.

2017 - Vitaliy and Nadezhda Bertram, Helena Kaim, Patimat Zainulabidova, Vladimir and Tatyana Janson, Valdemar Neb and Maria August, Valentina Gushchina, Abdukodir Sattorov and Nigora Dzhabarova.

2016 - Emma Pohl, Yuri Blinov, Valdemar Neb and August Maria, Shaiyr Mambetova, Minzifa Fadeeva, Kristina Storozhenko, Baiseit Orozaliev, Denis Ivanov, Victor and Liubov Vilman, Dinar Naralieva, Gadzhi and Zhavgar Gadzhievs, Ravzat Abdulaeva, Petra Vis, Nelly Ditz-Spitz, Dildekan Toialieva, Aksana Ibieva.

2015 - Nataliia Pustashova, Evgeniia Novikova.

2014 - Elena Dineeva, Magomed and Madinat Ibragimovs, Nina Shashukova, Svetlana Pronko, Nina Tsarikovich, Nabiiulla and Gulnara Aselderovs, Khadizha Israpilova.

Thanks to such devoted Associates, APLGO is reaching new heights and has become the leader in the direct selling industry within just a couple of years after launching.

Are you the proud owner of a golden bumblebee?

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