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Digital aging

The digital world has now evolved into a way of life. Technology has become such a part of our lives and it influences all that’s going on, including how we are aging

The digital world has now evolved into a way of life. Technology has become such a part of our lives and it influences all that’s going on, including how we are aging. Sounds crazy, right? As a result of smartphone dependency which also includes tablets,and laptops, we started to change the way we grow old. Unfortunately, these are not positive changes.

Why has it become important now? It’s been quite a while since smartphones took a significant place in our everyday life. We now experience more and more remote working than ever before. Technology has made us addicted to our screens and their influence continues to grow. Here are some of the, “not so positive influences”:

“Tech neck”

Have you heard of Mindy? It’s a digitally created model of the person in the future. She’s short, she’s got a tech claw to hold her smartphone, and she’s got a shorter neck. It's almost as if there is no need for our necks anymore since, on average we spend up to 7 hours per day (according to the research) with our heads looking down at our smartphones. Because of this, we develop headaches, pain in our shoulders and stiffness in the upper body. By the way, this position leads to faster development of a double chin due to increased pressure to this area and slacking skin. Don’t forget the “rings of Venus” on the neck! These folds that mimic wrinkles, tend to appear even earlier as a result of this position.

High-energy visible light

High-energy visible light is high-frequency, high-energy light in the violet/blue band. Its wavelength is even bigger than that of UV-light. It’s enough to reach deep layers of skin where elastin and collagen are located. As a result, humans experience dehydration, pigmentation, damage to the protective layers of the skin, including a decrease in elasticity, and wrinkle formation etc.

Our gadgets do not produce enough light to harm us if they are used from time to time. But statistics show that as the amount of time we spend looking at our phones has increased, so has the impact this light is having on our skin.

What can we do?

Of course it’s unlikely that we can manage to live without gadgets in such a modern world. But here are some ideas that might help you.

- Control time of use. Try to minimize the time that you spend using your gadgets.

- Enlarge your font type. Small font type while reading or texting can make you narrow your eyes or frown and this results in formation of “crow’s feet”, wrinkles between your eyebrows and on your forehead.

- Install a special app (like, Text neck) to help you place your smartphone at a correct angle so you do not bend your neck. When you lower your smartphone too much, the app will make a sound or vibration. At the beginning it might seem challenging, but it’ll be useful.

- Minimize blue light. Some smartphones have Night mode already installed, if not, try a special screen glass.

- Use BEAUTY. Almost all of the products in this line have a UV-filter that also can help fight against signs of aging.

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