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Every year, APL chooses the best cruise liners in the world to help us celebrate its birthday with our Associates.

Every year, APL chooses the best cruise liners in the world to help us celebrate its birthday with our Associates. We had originally planned to set sail from China, but have decided to change the itinerary in light of the recent pandemic.

This year, there are some surreal places to visit within this voyage on a gigantic cruise liner! Each Stop on the Cruise is a Bit of Paradise! 


The pearl of the Dutch Caribbean, this country is surrounded by the mesmerizing Caribbean Sea. It is a clean, lovely and safe island for vacations! 


This is a tropical country alive with a humid, warm climate. Its numerous picturesque bays and coves are filled with lush evergreens. It is surrounded by more than 1,500 lagoons and is often called “the land of butterflies,” as it is home to more than 1,100 species of the butterfly. 


This country’s beaches are its true treasure, as they are lined with powder-fine, white-sand. Aruba is home to some of the cleanest beaches in the world, as well as resorts that offer great service and countless methods of entertainment on the beach and at sea. Deep-sea fishing, diving, and much more make this place a perfect choice for a great vacation. 


Here, white-sand beaches, the comforting waves of the Pacific Ocean and evergreen jungles are just waiting to be discovered. Columbia is very popular among the wildlife aficionados due to the great number of birds and animals inhabiting its lands. But, its unique architecture and bustling cities also attract lovers of culture. 


This Caribbean island is packed with wildlife and marvelous undersea settings. It is the best place to enjoy snorkeling, diving and windsurfing. Though most tourists come here to have a peaceful and calm vacation, those who enjoy outdoor activities will have plenty to do. Bonaire also has great white-sand beaches and several delicious restaurants.

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