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Special offer for Company’s Triumph 10th anniversary cruise!

Even today we have an opportunity to earn yourself a ticket for this Triumph cruise!

Hip hip hooray! Our APLGO President told the audience of the APL PLANET event that we will definitely keep the tradition of annual company Cruises! The Company’s head managers keep an eye on the world’s situation and as soon as cruise companies restore their business you will be the first ones to find out the details of the cruise!

For now, we can definitely tell you that the cruise will be TRIUMPH! WE are doing everything possible to achieve this!

Even today we have an opportunity to earn yourself a ticket for this Triumph cruise! Do not wait for the perfect moment, go ahead now! It is an amazing opportunity, you’ll see! APLGO Cruise is an enormous event that helps upgrade your business and makes you filled with great experiences and emotions!

This special offer is valid from November 1st, 2020 through March 31st, 2021.


STEP ONE: Generate personal activity equal to 1,500 PV


This is valid for those who had a ticket for APL PLANET: you can generate personal extra activity equal to 1,000pv or more before the end of November 2020, and get 9 points for free!


Do everything you can to get 60 points and you get to share a cabin with dual occupancy featuring 2 beds with another Associate or generate 100 points and you will get a whole cabin!

How do I get the points?

Enroll new Associates or Upgrade status of personally enrolled.
$200 gives you 1 point
$400 gives you 2 points
$600 gives you 3 points
$1,800 gives you 10 points
$3,000 gives you 18 points

Version 2: Generate personal activity and get also some points!
If you generate 200 PV you'll get 1 point
If you generate 500 PV you will get 3 points
If you generate 1,000 PV you will get 10 points


• If you complete Step One and Step Two you get an all-inclusive, standard cabin for your cruise. Other expenses such transportation to and from the port, harbor fees and service fees, staying in a hotel and visa fees, if applicable, are on thetraveling Associate. You will see the total of harbor fees and service fees on our website and the website of the cruise company when this special offer comes to a close.

• For completing Step one (just a reminder: If you only generate 1,500 PV) you will not get additional points. You will get points only if you complete SPECIAL CONDITIONS FOR STEP ONE.

• Having a valid travel document is your responsibility. If your travel document expired or otherwise not applicable but you are completing the terms and conditions of the special offer, please make sure that your travel document is valid by the time of your travel.

• Durations of special terms for step one and two cannot last more than the whole special offer.

• Completed terms and conditions (fully or partially) cannot be transferred to third parties.

• Special offer can be completed for one ID.

• The Associate that completed the terms and conditions of the offer but is not going on the cruise will not have the right to be reimbursed whatsoever.

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