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APLGO is announcing an amazing promotion so you can "Feel the heartbeat of APLGO" by visiting our factory! 

In September APLGO is hosting a traditional forum in Chisinau, Moldova!

In September APLGO is hosting a traditional forum in Chisinau, Moldova! Within the framework of this forum everyone will have an opportunity to visit the manufacturing factory of APLGO! You will get to see how our unique product is made from beginning to end! The scale and capability of the factory will truly inspire you. Plus, you’ll also see our new super powerful production line and of course try our NEW 16th drop, HPY (HAPPY)! Your business will never be the same again because our production is going to inspire every single visitor!

Here are the details and how you can earn your invitation to the tour:

THE DATES OF PROMOTION: July 12 – August 7, 2021


STEP 1: Generate extra volume equal to 350 PV in the period from July 12-31, 2021

STEP 2: Personally Enroll a new Associate or upgrade your status of PE from 2400 PV in the period from July 12 – August 7, 2021

STEP 3: the volume in your small legs should be 2500PV from July 1-31


For Leaders in the Ambassador Qualification and above, the completion of conditions is not required.


- If you complete all the conditions, you will get the admission to a visit to the factory in an organized group, hotel accommodation and a gala dinner. All other expenses, such as flights to the destination and back, expenses related to obtaining visas if necessary, and others - are not covered by APL.

- You must have a valid international passport on hand. If you do not have a passport, but participate in the promotion, make sure that you have the document in your hands in advance.

- You cannot transfer completed conditions (in whole or in part) to another person.

- Promotion is performed for one ID place. Volumes from different ID locations are not cumulative.

- A partner who fulfilled the conditions of the promotion and did not use it, regardless of the reasons, cannot claim any benefits.

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